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Complete software for alternative lenders

SaaS for
Institutional Investors

kennek helps any lender to scale their operations & better manage risk

Our Platform

End-to-end software for lenders

kennek enables every lender to operate smartly and cost-efficiently. It's built by former lenders, and offered as a SaaS.

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The Problem


kennek is built for lenders, by lenders. So, we understand how complex the operational aspects of lending can be.

Operational bottlenecks can not only be a headache, but can also present a serious barrier to your growth.


Using excel, emails and web portals only takes your operations so far. It does not achieve scalability or reliability.

Building your own tech requires a substantial amount of time & money, and distracts from your core business.

End-to-end lending operating system

kennek is software for the full lifecycle of the loan – it covers your needs from origination, all the way through to maturity. Designed using an API-first approach. All offered as part of a monthly subscription.

Ready out-of-the-box

kennek is a “plug-and-play” operating system for lending. It comes with a variety of loan products and workflows that will help you to boost the efficiency of your lending operations pre-configured. And they're all there on day 1, so you can start lending without delay.

Choose only the parts you need

Whilst kennek is end-to-end software, we’ve designed it so that you can choose only the parts you need. The different available modules include origination, servicing & monitoring, risk & controls and data orchestration & analytics.

Bank-grade quality & security

kennek is built with quality and data security at its core. The platform foundations are built on Mambu, world leaders in cloud banking technology. We take a secure API-first approach, enabling seamless integration with existing payment and accounting systems. 

Connected to investors

With kennek, lenders and credit investors can access our funding marketplace. Whether you are just beginning your institutional funding journey, or looking to upsize from existing facilities, kennek will help supercharge your lending business.

The Marketplace

Connecting lenders to institutional funding

kennek's complete software reconnects all the relevant parties in lending, bringing together lenders and institutional investors.

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The Benefits

Clear and measurable benefits of adopting kennek


Scale operations

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Grow safely and cost-efficiently
  • Best-in-class system
  • Launch new credit products easily

Access funding

  • Embedded investor portal
  • Automated investor reporting
  • Configurable investor templates
  • Asset-liability management
  • Capital markets standard data & ops

Manage risks

  • Automated pro-active servicing
  • Real-time borrower & loan data
  • Embedded monitoring & analytics
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Operational continuity / back-up

Control & use your data

  • Live data feeds embedded
  • Analytics & insights included
  • Full audit trail
  • Single point of truth for all data
  • Permissioned access to centralised data

We are excited by what the kennek team is building. Through them, every lender, fintech and direct lending fund now has access to a unique vertical Lending as a Service platform, underpinned by the trusted Mambu Banking as a Service platform.

Nick Lawler

UK Market Sales Director

kennek’s complete operating system allows lenders to take advantage of the latest API technology. Through their pre-packaged integration of Codat, lenders can access live financial data and monitor borrower health in real-time. This will allow them to proactively risk-manage their loan portfolios, catching defaults before they happen. Given the choppier economic waters we’re headed into, using kennek has the potential to drive meaningful outperformance.

Phil Low

Head of Partnerships

kennek’s end to end lending infrastructure is the first & only truly comprehensive system we’ve seen available to lenders. Through their integration of the Wiserfunding API, kennek gives lenders access to cutting-edge credit scoring technology as part of a seamless package. It gives lenders the tools they need to outperform.

Gabriele Sabato

Co-founder & CEO

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